[team ontogenesis]



Ar. Priyanshi Mishra

An animated architect who has a niche for perfection and voracious design skills.

Always believe in the idea of Sustainability, as a means of any design approach. From initial days in Architecture, she has been highly fascinated towards conservation.

Always believed that a space, small or big has always filled with potential, which with right tools can be enhanced.



Ar. Abhishek Kumar

An enthusiastic Architect, determined for creative and Generative approach towards any design problem. Always seeks in enhancing the user experience on top of the anything.

Believed in the expression which is a product of the process, rather than just the outcomes.

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Ar. Amrita Mohanty

A design enthusiast who delivers bespoke architecture through thorough construction management.



Ar. Anil kumar Moirangthem

An Architect filled with great skill set of cultivating an idea into an amalgamation of an thought, process and reality, which pushes the boundaries of a conventional approach.



Gollapali Amar

An individual, always trying in expressing various freshly brewed ideation.