Specialities in : Cardiology | Orthopedic | Pediatric | Surgical a 120 beded hospital 20 General OPDs cells | Administration | Radiology | Pathology | Blood bank | ER | Operation theater (2 major,1 minor) | Cath labs (2 Cath,2 endo) | Cafeteria | 20 ICUs beds | Daycare | 50 General beds | Morgue | CSSD | Dietery services |



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Every healthcare focus on patient’s requirement which is the most important aspect of designing a Hehealthcare as a number one priority but while doing so the built form focus mainly on the patient’s necessity and lacks in serving and providing it’s user (mainly Patient) a healthy and peaceful environment. A pleasing environment will help a person to heal quickly and will give sense relaxation.

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Patient comes to a Hospital prefer discharge as soon as possible. They should feel more relaxed and peace. Design focus on Better circulation and Flexible Proximity between different departments along with an idea about how we can provide calm and better surroundings, in the premises.

Fluted wall panels to Scandinavian Chair, all the elements used for the Master bedroom was kept to very few but subtle pallets.

Birch plywood, Teak wood has been prioritized in most of the Furniture giving space a contextual warmth. The ceiling reflects the more contemporary feel to the space, all together are seamlessly complimenting each other.

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The Hospitals are designed mostly taking consideration of a patient’s support system, not for the patient itself. My design approaches towards how we can provide patients and other users a better experience along with fulfillment in all of there other required necessities and required services.

June is the warmest month of the year which is 33 degree celciusin December it reaches upto 5 degree and in certain places near to 0 degree celcius. 421 mm percipitation difference is there in between driest and wettest month, average temp. vary by 21.1 degree celcius during a year.

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